A little more about me.

I grew up in a small town on the East coast near the Chesapeake Bay.  I met my husband Ben when we were in our first years of college. We became best friends and spent every moment we could together.
I transferred schools to major in Television production, while he started nursing school.
 Fast forward 4 years, I graduated college in 2007 and began a career in television and he became a nurse in 2008. 

We were married in July, 2008. After a year, and an eye opening trip to Hawaii we decided to move. 
We packed our things, said goodbye to our families and embarked on what would be a life changing experience for us.

We lived in Hawaii for almost 4 years. We learned how to depend on one another, we made an amazing group of friends, explored the islands and grew closer than I ever imaged we would. I learned that I love painting while living on island and began exploring my creative side, by painting and selling my artwork at fairs and shops around Oahu. 

We left Hawaii in October 2013 and set off on a new adventure. We traveled the country for 3 and a half months, exploring National Parks, visiting family and making new friends.

We're now living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Ive continued to explore all things creative, inspired by our travels I am designing and creating handmade jewelry made from quality gemstones, beads and vintage components.


Feel free to contact me with questions about My Homemade Happiness or JES Design Studio


On Instagram you can follow me @JESDesignStudio

*all photos are mine, unless otherwise stated. If you choose to use my images please be sure to give me credit and link me as the source. thanks!

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