Monday, July 1, 2013


Hello July!

It's a new month, a new blog and Im setting goals.
I once heard Dave Ramsey ( say in order for one to reach their goals they must be;  your own idea, measurable,written down and shared.
So here I am. My goals for this month are as follows;

  1. To get back on track with daily clean eating and exercising. I got off track in May during our month long vacation and Ive been slowing getting back to where I was before we left. 
  2. Paint and sell as many of my CocoHonu's as possible. Email if you are interested. 
  3. Determine what Im going to take with us on our road trip and what needs to be mailed.
  4. Begin to map out a route of the western states with where we will stop and visit.
  5. Enjoy Hawaii. I really need to go to the beach more and continue to explore the island before we leave. 
If you are interested in details or ordering a CocoHonu please email me at

Also, any suggestions of where to stop on our road trip? We will be visiting as many National Parks as we can, but we would also like to find some hidden gems along the way.


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