Friday, October 11, 2013


This week, with the help of our friends we built a platform and compartments in our car. 
Ben removed all the seats and he and Jon cut and bolted 2x4 's and plywood to the existing metal frame of our car.
The back section is stationary (for storage) and the front half is removable ( with storage underneath) so we can adjust our seats when not using the platform for sleeping. 
The original platform was 5 inches higher, but after much consideration for our comfort we decided to lower it 5 inches.  
We bought a 4 inch memory foam, blankets and 0 degree sleeping bags. 
We have a ton of space and were even blessed with the use of a car top storage unit by our friends neighbors. 

Here are a few photos from that past few days of construction and prepping. 

( this was the orginal height, it's much lower now)

( Here you can see the removable part of the platform)

More photos to come of our packing and bed set up. 
We are thinking of heading north very soon. 
Stay tuned!

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