Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Trial Run

On Monday we left with our car fully loaded and headed for Canada. 
We stopped in Concrete, Washington a small town just before North Cascade National Park for lunch. We talked and discovered we both had a feeling that we should not go to Canada. 
Instead we drove through the park, stopped to take pictures, helped a family with a flat tire and headed east. 
We drove to the small cowboy town of Whinthrop, where we found an RV park. 
It was nice and there were deer walking around the grounds. We cooked, made a fire, everything was going great. 
About an hour or so after we went to bed ( in the back of the car) we both woke. 
It was stuffy and cramped. It's hard to describe how I felt other than claustrophobic. 
We talked about options and finally after laughing A lot, we left at midnight. 
We drove all night through central Wasington to Seattle. 
Outcome. We will not be sleeping in our car. We've regrouped and downsized. 
We got rid of half the things we had previously brought and bought a tent instead. 
We are compromising, a day here and there camping and the rest spent with friends/family or hotels. 
Today we are headed to the Olympic Peninsula. 

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