Thursday, November 21, 2013

Four Corners and much more..

We said goodbye to our new friends in Moab and headed south to Utah's first National Monument Natural Bridges. The three bridges that make up the monument are tucked in the twisting canyons of south eastern Utah. We learned that bridges are simple arches formed by a river flowing instead of rain and wind, like those at Arches National Park.
East of Natural Bridges on the Utah/Colorado boarder is the Hovenweep National Monument. This remote monument is the home of  several ancient Puebloan structures dating back over 10,000 years.
Up next we crossed into Colorado and then New Mexico to 4 Corners. We had fun taking photos and reenacting shots from the popular show Breaking Bad. We lucked out and were able to meet some of the Navajo people who run the monument, including a painter whom we purchased a hand painted ornament.

In other news, we found bens wedding band! We thought he'd lost it in the Mojave Desert. Turns out it was in the car the entire time,hidden under a few boxes. 

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