Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Spent the past two days in Las Vegas, with a quick trip to the lowest place in the U.S, Death Valley National Park. 
We stayed at the Luxor (the giant pyramid) hotel on the strip. 
Our first night we walked down to the Bellagio to watch the fountain show and grab dinner. We aren't in to gambling or any of the other shenanigans that go on, so we just walked around and enjoyed the lights, architecture and crazy costumes people wear. 
Our second day we stopped in the famous Gold and Silver Pawn shop where the show Pawn Stars is filmed, then drove out to Death Valley. 
Now, I wasn't sure what to expect but it was absolutely beautiful, a hidden gem in the desert. We drove to badwater basin the lowest spot in the U.S, 282 feet below sea level. 
Today we stopped at the Hoover Dam on our way to the Grand Canyon! It's incredible all we've seen in the past month. We've covered a lot of ground and were only in Arizona. So far we've travel 5,800 miles. 

Death Valley National Park

Big Horn Sheep

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