Thursday, September 12, 2013

Smart Wool

Ben and I both are huge fans of SmartWool products. 
We own a few base layer items ( tops and long underwear) and of course Smartwool socks! 
A few months back I wrote to their marketing department, sharing our story and our plans for our upcoming road trip/National Park adventure. 
I was shocked by their quick response and willingness to help us out any way they could. Carly in their marketing department asked around and today we received a package filled with their newest style socks for us to use on our trip! 
We are so grateful for any help, being that we have no winter gear ( the only problem of living in Hawaii for four years). 
You can never have too many pairs of high quality socks! These puppies are great in hot and cold climates and always keep us blister free on hikes. 
Thanks Carly and Smartwool for the hookup! 

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