Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week in the life

Time is flying by. 
We have been balancing our time between down time (to relax our busy minds), errands (lots to do when your moving) and spending time with those near and dear. 
We are down to less than three weeks. 
It's hard to believe we'll be on the road this time next month. 
Here are a few photos from this week. 

Farewell dinner with the Yeager family to send off Josh to flight school. 

Glow putt putt with some of our favorite boys.

Making fun Tiki men for our send off party in a few weeks.

Took our awesome friends Ben and Ivy on a around the island tour to some of our favorite spots.

The Benz. When together we refer to my Ben as "B" and Ivy's Ben as Benji. It's fun! In front of Dog the bounty hunters house.

Ivy on the sea cliff.

Chatting under a tree with my lovely friend in paradise. 

Climb monkey!

Pipeline, North Shore

Pretty much sums up and awesome day of friends and silliness. 


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