Thursday, October 24, 2013

Crater Lake!

Yesterday we drove south to Crater Lake. 
The drive up the mountain was long. Both life and death were present in a mixture of old, fire destroyed trees and new growth breaking through. 
Snow sprinkled the ground the higher we got. We arrived at the North rim lookout, parked and walked to the edge. 
Wow! I did not expect the water to be so vivid, clear and calm. It is majestic. 
We took pictures and admired the lake for a while before continuing along the rim to the lodge. 
We stopped an ate lunch overlooking the western side of the rim. Not a bad place to relax. 
We hung out for a few hours, hiking around and chatting with park rangers before headed 40 miles south to Lost Creek Reservoir. 
We arrived to camp early and hung out with our neighbors for the night, John and Terri, a retired couple from coastal Oregon. 

Tomorrow my favorite guy turns 29!! 
We're headed to Redwood National Park today. 

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