Friday, October 25, 2013

Big Tree country

Yey! We're in California! 
Yesterday we drove to Redwood Forest National Park. 
We hiked the Stout Grove and stood among some giant redwoods, some more than a thousand years old. 
We drove down Howland Hill road to the park visitor center, where a volenteer suggested we go to the southern part of the park to the founders grove.
Last night we camped in an Elk prairie where we got to see our first wild elk, up close and personally. 
This area is also known to have bears, so we had to put all our food and "smelly things" in a huge metal bear locker. 
Luckily we didn't have an furry visitors and we both got a goods nights sleep. 
Today is Bens birthday!! He was excited to wake up in the Redwood forest. 
Driving out of camp we saw even more Elk, this time a herd of 20 bedding down along the road. Amazing. They are quickly becoming my favorite animal. 

This morning we went to the founders grove and hiked back to a 1500 year old redwood and even stood on one that was 375 high, before it fell in 1999. 

See me up there! 

We're currently heading east into the mountains of Northern California, towards Redding. Up next are Lassen Volcanic national park and Lake Tahoe. 

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