Friday, October 18, 2013


The Pacific Northwest is putting on a grand show for us.
The weather has been clear an relatively warm. Each evening as the sunsets, the fog rolls in and the sounds of nature sprinkle the quite of night.

Yesterday after we stopped to see our friends Tom and Cindy in Sequim, Washington we set off for Yelm which is just west of Mt. Rainer. Our friends Jeff and Torri greeted us with a delicious dinner, hot showers and a warm bed to sleep in.

This morning we woke up, ate pumpkin pancakes for breakfast and drove with Torri to Mt. Rainer National Park. It was an absolutely beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky as we drove into the park.

We did a quick hike at the base of the mountain where we saw beaver chewed trees and bubbling hot springs. We drove up the mountain, parked and hiked into an old growth forest and along a glacier waterfall. The highlight for me is a toss up between Reflection Lake and standing amongst the 1,000 plus year old trees.

To end a nearly perfect day, after dinner we made a fire in the backyard, listening to coyotes and practiced our Elk bugling. Jeff really wanted us to hear and see the Elk that roam his property. There's always tomorrow.

With Tom and Cindy in Sequim. 

Arriving at Jeff and Torri's in Yelm

The fog rolling in over the pasture. 

Our first peek of Mt. Rainer. 

Ben high-fived every Ranger he saw, letting them know how happy we are to see them.  

Christine Falls

Torri and Ben admiring the twin Douglas Fur. 

Reflection lake. Absolutely incredible. 

Silver Falls

So many beautiful hikes in Mt. Rainer National park, we could spend days. 
We plan on coming back in the spring. 

* This morning Jeff and Torri woke us up, to see the herd of wild Elk in their backyard. Beautiful, massive animals!


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