Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Lately I've been focussing on slowing down and taking time for me. 
That may sound crazy to some, being that we've just spent the last two months cruising around this beautiful country. It has been fabulous, to see all we've seen and have the time together as a couple. 

"We must not forget to take time for ourselves."

 Spending everyday, all day with your spouse, or anyone has it's rewards, but I forgot how nice it is just to be alone and still. I had my first alone day in over two months this past week and it was wonderful. I didn't do anything spectacular, just enjoyed the company of me! 
My newest hobby is jewelry making. 
My dear friend Ellen taught me and gave me the confidence to give it a go! 
It has been so much fun creating and collecting unique things along the way. 

So in my quite time, I continue to make things, create and share my joy. 

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