Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Its hard to believe its been over two months since we set out on our adventure. 
We've seen so many beautifully interesting things, I've already started a list of places I'd like to revisit. 

We've had lots of time to talk and begin figuring out our plan. We've been so blessed along the way. A smooth transition from Hawaii to Washington, great weather and amazingly generous friends. 

Our original plan was to road trip for 3-6 months and than begin travel nursing. After a lot of talking, praying and traveling we've decided that we are ready to go back to Washington and starting a new chapter. 

Travel nursing still sounds fun, but its a lot of moving, uncertainties  and well, we just don't want the hassle. We know we love the Pacific Northwest and we feel like its where we need to be.

So after two month (three by the time we return) we will return to the North west and start our new chapter. Ben will be interviewing at several hospitals and I will be working on making our home.

We are very excited and will be spending the first part of the new year getting settled in our new home town. This summer we should be ready to start having visitors. 

For now, we are enjoying our time with family. Its been over 4 years since we've been with them for the holidays. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Ben & Julie

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