Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Two weeks in

We've been in our new place for two weeks now.
It's been nice relaxing and taking the time to settle in, figuring out who we are in our new place, in this new state. 
We've both discovered we love antiquing, it's something fun we do together. 
When we were on the road we began collecting things from around the country.  For me it was mostly gems, beads and other things that I'm now turning into jewelry, for Ben it's been patches and coffee. 
I imagined a space in our new home for me to craft and one for Ben to have a coffee bar. When we were looking at places I shared the idea with Ben and of course he loved it. 
We've found the perfect spot for this coffee/tea/chocolate bar and it's been fun to build and decorate together. 

It's still a work in progress. So far Ben has built the wall hanging and shelf from an old pallet. The iron S he made a few years back at a black smithing class in DE. The mat is an AR-15 tekmat that we found at a gun show and the other shelves are ammo boxes I found at an antique shop.

Another fun thing we've been collecting are old wooden chairs. The weirder the better! We wanted to find at least four different chairs and we ended up with seven (so far). The chairs are all different colors from local antique shops. My original plan was to repaint them all the same color, but I think I'll keep them as is for now. 

More to come..