Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Rainy days and Projects

Rainy days in the pacific northwest aren't getting us down, in fact I quite like the moss covered canopy of trees and catching a glimpse of snow covered mountians in the distance.

Lately our days off together have been spent exploring, hanging with new friends, antiquing and of course, projects.
Before we put the finishing touches on the coffee bar area, we were already planning the office/crafting  room. We found the perfect desk at a local antique shop and began planning the style of shelves Ben would build.

I just love it! I've been anticipating a space to paint, design and get crafty for years. It's so exciting to have a place where I can spread out and not have to pack up my things each time. 

Ben's buddy Zach arrived this weekend for a visit and weve been very productive. We took Zach antiquing, we finished setting up the office/crafting room and Ben built me a awesome  earring, ring and necklace display out of wooden pallets and an old picture frame, that I just LOVE!

I envisioned this earring and necklace display for myself and Ben brought it to life! 
I'm so thankful to have a motivated, handy husband who can build and help me design. 

It's so nice to have a friendly face in town. I'm very grateful  that we are able to be a blessing to those around us and host again. We are enjoying game nights, story telling and catching up on life. 

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