Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring forward!

Recap of the week: 

Spring is officially here and we've had some beautiful days this week. 
We are keeping busy with work, a guest, preparing for our upcoming trip and the return of the Fuzz (aka: our cats.)
I'm excited for my sisters upcoming bridal shower and other festivities. I'm really looking forward to seeing so many of our family and friends and to celebrate Katie and Chris!! I'm so happy for my sister and it's been so fun to help plan these special events with her dearest friends and my mom! 
We are also preparing for the long awaited return of our cats. They have spent the last 10 months with my parents. Now that we are back from the road trip and settled in we are ready to have them back with us, for good. We've missed them, but are so grateful for the opportunity to travel and for my parents generosity. No questions asked just love and support. 
In other news, I've started a Facebook page to display my Art and the Jewelry I design. Check it out! JES Design Studio 
We are working on a few new projects that involve pallets. 
I've been learning to cook Thai and Indian food.. Yum, the spices!! ( recipes to come) 

More to come..

New logo!

Lots and lots of pallets. 

Spring = Tulips  yeah!!! 

Today's project: a DIY pallet garden bench. I've been daydreaming about growing my own herbs and succulents like we did in Hawaii. We have the perfect spot with lots of sunshine. 
I was impressed with how quickly we were able to build this sturdy useful workstation on our back deck. I can wait to jazz it up with some hand painted clay pots and begin growing some basil, parsley and much more! 

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