Friday, July 4, 2014


Happy 4th of July! 
I hope everyone is having a happy and healthy holiday weekend. 
Life has been in full swing around here. 
Bens been pulling a few 80+ hour work weeks and I've temporarily taken over caring for the six horses and all that entails for the past 2 weeks while  running my new Etsy shop and this house. 
Yesterday was a nice treat. A dear friend came over, we lunched and caught up on life. I was able to show her this little slice of the pacific northwest paradise we get to call home and she introduced me to some of her family that live near by who also have animals. 
Today we are laying low and relaxing. We have a few exciting things coming up later this month that I'm looking forward to and will share as they come. 
Here are a few photos from the past week.


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