Saturday, April 26, 2014

Back to Basics

There are several articles floating around about "busyness". Ive read a few and they've recently struck up some insightful conversations between us. We've reflected on the past few years, months and weeks and decided that we've been... well, caught up in the busy. All of our busyness has been totally self imposed, from volunteering our free time, setting ambitious goals (and achiveing them) to moving and traveling and moving again.
After our road trip we returned to the Northwest and went full force into reestablishing a routine, knowing that it would be very different from the one we had grown comfortable with in Hawaii, and it has been, in a wonderful way.
We moved into our new, centrally located, uber convenient place, began setting up and within a matter of two weeks Ben was working two jobs, I was opening a new business, we hosted an extended houseguest and traveled back east again. We quickly realized we were doing all the things that kept us spread thin in Hawaii, here.
Then a door opened for us. We were offered an opportunity to move further north, to the country. Ben would be minutes from work allowing us to have more time together, we would be able to save much faster and live a simpler paced life, the kind we imagined for ourselves but resisted for so long.
So thats what we've done. We are stepping back and taking this time to relax, be less busy and to focus on whats really important. We are learning to say NO more often, and Yes to what brings us joy.
We are getting back to the basics.

Yes, our address has changed again. If you'd like our new address feel free to contact us.

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