Monday, May 5, 2014

Around here.

Almost two weeks have passed since we moved to the ranch in northern Washington. Life here is much different then anywhere we've ever lived before and we are so grateful.

 It is quite peaceful and simple. We are surronded by nature, something Ive fully learned to respect and not fear. Our trails aren't paved and the grocery store isn't within walking distance and that is ok, for what we have lost in convenience, we've gained in openness and freedom to explore while learning to live at our own pace.

To clear up any confusion; we are renting a cottage on the property of a 62 acre working horse ranch. The owner Shaari is a fiercely independent, kind hearted, straight forward women. She is teaching us firsthand what it means to have land and animals and the work that goes into maintaining a safe, enjoyable environment, all because we want to learn. We are able to be a blessing to each other. We are learning, if buying land and having animals is what we really want for our future and we are able to occasionally help her with the horses and tending the land. This opportunity is huge for us! And for those of you who may be concerned with us living " off the grid", we aren't.  We are within a comfortable distance of two major roadways with access to plenty of stores, entertainment and places for guests to stay. We feel at home up here, it's where we'd eventually like to buy land and what better way to know than to live it!

With all that said, I have learned so much already. Shaari has helped me be more brave and to challenge myself more often. I'm learning that I can do alot more than I think I can. This experience  could not have come at a more perfect time in my life. This past year has been one big transition for us. We've moved and traveled and been challegned both as individuals and in our marriage, we've had highs and lows and now it just feels right. Washington is such a fit for us.

 God's timing is incrediable as he moves peices of the puzzle and people come in and out of your life all for one brillant reason. I feel this experince and the relationship that is growing with Sharri is totally in his plan. To have someone be there as a mentor for both of us and be willing and able to teach, and give advice to us as individuals all while respecting and embracing us in our marriage is a blessing.

For now I'll leave you with my brave moments from the past two weeks;

Learning and succeeding at feeding and bringing in 6 horses at night for bed and than letting them out in the morning. Intimidating at first but now it's fun!

Learning to drive a big diesel farm tractor! I was apprehensive and wasn't sure I could and now I know, I totally CAN! 

Photos from this week.

Bison on a near by farm. 

                                                        Exploring Rockport State park. 

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