Friday, April 18, 2014

Skagit Valley

Every year in April the town of Mount Vernon ( located in Skagit Valley, WA) has a huge month long Tulip Festival. We'd heard of the festival before moving from friends and I was intrigued and knew I needed to remember to go.
Ben actually works near where the main festival is held so I rode in with him eailer this week to check it out. 
I picked the best day! I'd heard the crowds are insane on the weekends or even sunny days so I picked a rainy Thursday and for a while I was the only one wandering around the tulip fields. 
I decided to go to the Roozen Gaarde first. The staff and grounds keepers were so friendly and informative. I walked through the well labeled garden of every variety of tulip you can imagine, all sorts if beautiful colors. 
My plan was to just go myself and meet up with Ben later, but it was so beautiful I knew he'd enjoy it just as much a me, so I went and got him and we continued into the fields together. 
I'm planning to go back before the season is over and also for the lavender festival this summer. The Pacific Northwest is so beautiful and we are really enjoying discovering all it has to offer. 
Some pictures from our tulip adventure.  

My favorite photo from the day! 

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