Friday, April 11, 2014

Birthday Love

Yesterday was the BIG 3-0!
I had such a wonderful day full of surprises, my favorite things, yummy food and love from those near and dear. Thank you to those who took the time to reach out and send love my way, I truly appreciate it. 
Ben surprised me first thing in the
morning with an array of potted flowers and herbs so I can fulfill my joy of growing things AND my very own comfy chair for our patio so I can sit and read, paint, design, what ever my heart desires. 
We headed up north towards the Cascade mountains to a local ranch ( Kowgirl Spirit Ranch) owned by the lovely Shaarie King. I rode a beautiful horse named Jetta, up the mountain side along her 62 acre property. The views were amazing and I enjoyed not only a trail ride but also a lesson on handling a horse. 
Afterwards we ate lunch among the field of flowers that extends all the way to the snow capped mountains in the distance. I met an adorable mini horse named Sweet Pea, she, Ben and I walked together along the stream just enjoying nature. 
We left the ranch and headed into Edison a small up and coming town along the water. A small cafe called Tweets was suggested to us for a sweet birthday treat. We arrived to find the cafe closed, but were quickly greeted by Charles the owner and welcomed in. He was so incredibly friendly and the cafe was beautifully decorated a mix between rustic and bohemian. I told him it was my birthday and without hesitation he offered me a generous amount of their gourmet desserts for FREE! I was so surprised an grateful. We chatted than said our goodbyes and headed home to get ready for our evening out. 
I had already had a full joyful birthday, but there was more. I put on my new blue dress and we headed downtown to one of our favorite romantic dinner spots, the Melting Pot. Yum! We ordered things we never had before, enjoyed some wine and the quiet  company of each other. It was the perfect end to a wonderful birthday!  

Here are a few photos from my day! 

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