Wednesday, May 21, 2014


May has been such an awesome month. It's a fresh start for us.  The weather has been so nice, I'm growing all sorts of flowers, veggies and herbs. We are finding a nice rhythm with our schedules and having time to explore around, not always having somewhere we need to be is really nice.

My English lavender. 

Harvesting herbs. Mint, thyme and rosemary.

Last week we traveled to South Carolina for my sister and Chris' wedding. They were married on Lake Greenwood and it was so beautiful. They rented a huge lake house and that the immediate family stayed at and the wedding was out back on the lake! We landed on Friday afternoon and the fun began. 

One of my favorite people in the world, my dear friend Ivy came and picked us up ( with Chick fil a waiting for us!!) and helped us get floral arrangements ready for the big day. It was so nice to have time to spend together and crazy how it worked out that we were both in the same town in SC at the SAME time!! Meant to be!
P.S she even did my hair for the rehearsal ( see above photos) xoxo! 

Dad and Dave setting up! 

The lake. 

The BIG day! My sister was a stunning bride. We snapped a few photos with mom before the ceremony. 

Ben snapped this one while we were with the photographer.

The reception was so much fun. 80's music, Nan dancing with the groomsmen to Billy Joel and wearing our sunglasses at night!

Dad enjoying his lemon cake. Funny story, this man has wanted lemon wedding cake for so long. We had it at our wedding but everyone ate it before he had a chance, soooo we made sure he had a big slice at Katie's, and Ben documented it! Hahaha!!

Our new brother in law!!

We had a blast! Congrats to Katie and Chris. We love you guys. So happy to share your day with you, it was beautiful.

Back home now and back to work. I just launched JES Design Studio bracelets! 

And thanks to everyone spreading the love with the JES Design Studio "Send Some Love" event this month. 

 See page for more details! Xoxo

This weekend we have another wedding. Our friends Chris and Carissa are getting married!! Team Stull made them a wooden heart board for guests to sign and to display in their new home. 
Ben shaped the wood and put it together and I painted it! 

Yesterday we ventured into North Cascades National Park. It's so close to where we live now! We'll be spending alot of time there, I'm sure! 
Here are a few pictures from yesterday. 

See you soon! Xo

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